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Emails with job and internship announcements are sent to all CRP students as the department receives them.

If you are a CRP major and not on the email distribution list, please send an email from your Cal Poly email address to crp@calpoly.edu to request to be added.

Recruiting: If you are interested in sharing an internship or job announcement with the CRP student body, please email your information to crp@calpoly.edu and we will distribute it to our student body. Thank you!


    Strategies for Finding Internships


    • Make connections with practicing planners
    • Start looking 4-6 months prior to internship date
    • Show genuine interest in the proposed internship
    • Research companies you might like to work for and become familiar with their current projects
    • Describe completed work that is similar to their current work
    • Use the internet to research local planning agencies
    • Talk to friends, family, professors, and classmates
    • Email and call practicing planners
    • Follow up the interview with an email reinforcing why you are the best candidate
    • Formulate a well-composed resume
    • Use Cal Poly’s resources
    • Be excited about your interests and goals in the interview
    • Prepare a portfolio of your work
    • Be willing to volunteer. Not all internships are paid but the experience is priceless



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    • Transportation
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