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Advising Track (5+1)

Master of City & Regional Planning (MCRP)

for Cal Poly BARCH and BLA Students



Description and Admission Process

Architecture and Landscape Architecture students at Cal Poly may pursue an accelerated route to a graduate professional degree through enrollment in MCRP courses during their fourth and fifth year of undergraduate study and an additional year of graduate study after completion of their undergraduate degree.

Admission into the Advising Track (5+1) MCRP

Prior to beginning the MCRP courses in their last two undergraduate years, students will request a pre-acceptance evaluation from the MCRP Graduate Program Coordinator. This screening process will alert prospective MCRP students to the need for at least a 3.0 GPA in their last 90 units of work. Students who do not have a 3.0 GPA will be required to take the Graduate Record Exam. As a pre-requisite to the program, students must have completed CRP 212 Introduction to Urban Planning with a “C” grade or better. Students will begin the admissions process during their last year of undergraduate study and will be subject to the standard MCRP admission procedures and requirements. Students who complete the first year of the Advising Track (5+1) MCRP are not guaranteed admission to the MCRP program.

Course Requirements

The first 16 units of MCRP classes--to be finished during their 4th and 5th undergraduate years--will be credited towards their upper-division elective requirements, subject to their undergraduate advisors approval.  These units will then be utilized as credit toward the MCRP degree.  After completing the undergraduate degree, the student then may be formally admitted to the MCRP program.

Total Units

The total number of units for the Advising Track (5+1) MCRP degree is 61 (At least 45 units must be taken with graduate student status.)

Planning Internship

A planning internship is required. Currently, Landscape Architecture students are required to complete an undergraduate internship as part of their B.L.A. requirements. If their internship has a professional planning dimension (by the determination of the MCRP coordinator), their MCRP internship will be waived and they must earn equivalent units from an elective.

Advising Track (5+1) MCRP Curriculum


First Year CRP Courses (16 units)  [taken during the 4th or 5th undergraduate years]

Fall Quarter (4 units)

                          CRP 525 Plan Implementation (4 units)

Winter Quarter (4 units)

                          CRP 516 Methods of Data Analysis (4 units)

Spring Quarter (8 units)

                          CRP 513 Planning Research Methods (4 units)

                          CRP 520 Feasibility Studies (4 units)


Second Year CRP Courses (45 units) [taken after completion of B.Arch. or B.L.A.]

Summer Quarter (4 units)

                         CRP 409 Planning Internship (4 units) [taken either in Summer or Fall]

Fall Quarter (18 units)

                         CRP 510 Planning Theory (4 units)

                         CRP 518 Public Policy Analysis (4 units)

                                       [may substitute POLS 518 in another quarter]

                         CRP 548 Principles of Urban Development and Design (4 units)

                                        or, CRP 545 Principles of Environmental Planning (4 units)

                          CRP 552 Community & Regional Planning Lab I (4 units)

                          CRP 596 Professional Project (2 units)

                                        or, CRP 599 Thesis (2 units)

Winter Quarter (14 units)

                          CRP 535 Land Use and Planning Law (4 units)

                          CRP 554 Community & Regional Planning Lab II (4 units)

                          CRP 596 Professional Project (2 units)

                                         or, CRP 599 Thesis (2 units)

                          Emphasis Electives (4 units)

Spring Quarter (9 or 11 units)

                         CRP 530 Planning Agency Management (3 units)

                         CRP 596 Professional Project (2 units)

                                          or, CRP 599 Thesis (2 units)

                                          or, CRP 556 Community Plan & Reg’l Planning Studio III (4 units)

                         Emphasis Electives (4 units)


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