MCRP / MS Transportation Program


The Transportation Planning Specialization is a joint interdisciplinary program between the College of Engineering and the City & Regional Planning Department of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. Participation in the program requires enrollment in both Colleges. Participants successfully completing the program are awarded both the MCRP and the MS in Engineering, each with a Specialization in Transportation Planning.

The major objectives of this joint program are to:

  1. Provide an interdisciplinary graduate program which combines elements of transportation planning with city and regional planning to address a need for professionals who understand the technology of transportation planning and the importance of transportation within the urban environment. The required master's project enables students to integrate their work through directed study applied to special areas of their choosing.
  2. Provide planners with courses essential to understanding the technologies of transportation planning. Provide engineers with a broad background in urban studies and knowledge of contemporary environmental issues.
  3. Take advantage of the backgrounds of program participants. The graduate students of both sponsoring departments include both mature professionals returning for advanced degrees and recent graduates with diversity of specializations.

Prerequisites: Applicants must have satisfactorily completed courses that cover the following or equivalent subject areas:

CE 221 Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering or CRP 435 Transportation Theory

COMS 101 Public Speaking

ECON 201 Survey of Economics or ECON 222 Macroeconomics

ENGL 148 Reasoning, Argumentation and Professional Writing or ENGL 149 Technical Writing for Engineers

MATH 142 Calculus

PHYS 141 General Physics IA

STAT 321 Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists or STAT 221 Intro to Probability and Statistics or STAT 312 Statistical Methods for Engineers

Applicants for admission are expected to:

  1. Have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college,
  2. Have attained a grade point average of 3.0 in last 90 units of undergraduate work,
  3. Provide results of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Aptitude Test to the Admissions Committee (GRE requirement may be waived for Cal Poly bachelor of science graduates and applicants with superior academic records),
  4. Give indications of motivation, maturity, and high standards of academic involvement through work and references (three letters required) and submission of a project or paper demonstrating writing ability,
  5. Provide a statement (maximum of 500 words) address- ing their understanding of and areas of interest in planning, career objectives, and educational objectives.


Applications are continually accepted, but are reviewed in pools immediately after the 4th week of every quarter for the change of degree objective to become effective the following quarter.


2019-2020 Cal Poly Catalog

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