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The profession of city and regional planning is primarily involved in helping people and communities manage growth and change in their physical, social and economic environments. The focus is on understanding how cities and towns (human settlements) function and how to make them better places for people to live and to prosper. Planning has its roots in engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, law, social welfare and government reform. The practice of city and regional planning is both science and art. It involves technical competence, creativity, hard-headed pragmatism and the ability to develop a vision of the future and to build on that vision. Planners today combine design, quantitative and people skills to assist communities and society. The undergraduate Bachelor of Science in City and Regionl Planning (BSCRP) program is accredited by the national Planning Accreditation Board.

City and Regional Planning is one of the most exciting career fields available today. As the population increases and becomes more concentrated in certain areas of the country, carefully planned development is the only way to ensure that the quality of life in those areas is maintained and enhanced. Much of the responsibility for promoting and maintaining the good life in a community belongs to the city and regional planners.

Professional planners prepare comprehensive plans for development projects, neighborhoods, cities, states and regions. They deal with transportation, housing, community facilities, commercial areas, public safety, open space, urban design, and the use of land. And they're responsible for developing a plan of action to turn their paper plans into reality - into roads, buildings and open spaces.

The planner's goal is to help communities and regions grow in harmony with the natural environment and in tune with public concerns.




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