CRP Faculty and Staff 2017

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Faculty Members


  adrienne greve            amir hajrasouliha         william siembieda



   william Riggs          cornelius nuworsoo            david conn



hemalata dandekar           kelly main                   michael boswell



    vicente del Rio              chris clark


Part-Time Lecturers


Zeljka Pavlovich-Howard

Beate von Bischopinck

Amanda Ross





  janet murrieta             melanni wiedrich

Faculty Office Hours - Winter 2017

faculty name office monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday
boswell, michael 05-313   2:00-4:00 1:00-3:00    
clark, chris 21-116A   3:00-6:00 4:00-6:00    
dandekar, hemalata 186-A314   3:00-5:30   3:00-5:30  
del Rio, Vicente 21-118C  




greve, adrienne 21-116C          
hajrasouliha, amir 21-118B   1:00-3:00   11:00-1:00  
howard, zeljka 21-118A   1:00-2:00   1:00-2:00  
main, kelly 21-116B          
multari, mike 21-111 4:10-5:00       4:10-5:00
nuworsoo, cornelius 21-117A          
riggs, billy 21-117C   12:00-4:00      
Siembieda, bill 186-A300          

trapp, ryan

von Bischopinck, Beate 21-117B          


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