CRP Faculty Earns Award

William Siembieda, Ph.D.

Distinguished Scholarship Award, 2015-16
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
City & Regional Planning


"Making cities safer from hazards means less damage to people's lives and to the built environment. I help lower disaster risk through resilient land use planning and informed public policy making."

Two events shaped Dr. Siembieda’s current research agenda: formulating a Central America assistance program for people recovering from Hurricane Mitch, and preparing the State of California‘s Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan.  These events ask the same research question: how do we make the places where we live safer from natural hazard disasters?  Dr. Siembieda does this through the design of methods and policies that help mitigate natural hazards impact, while increasing the resiliency of the built environment.  His global work is on how to implement the best possible recovery and reconstruction outcomes after a large-scale disaster occurs. Locally, his focus is on resiliency and adaptation, making use planning policy decisions that result in risk reduction through partnerships between the civil society, the private sector, and government.
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