Bachelor of Science in City & Regional Planning Program


The undergraduate Bachelor of Science in City & Regional Planning (BSCRP) program prepares students for professional careers in the design of human settlements in harmony with the natural environment and the needs of society. Practicing planners work in public agencies and private consulting firms, preparing comprehensive plans for projects, neighborhoods, cities, and entire regions. They deal with the use of land, housing, transportation, public facilities, and open space. In addition, they are responsible for finding the means to make their plans become a reality by budgeting for public projects and programs and by reviewing and regulating private development.

The curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science in City & Regional Planning provides a broad, interdisciplinary education as well as competency in physical planning with a specialization in urban and regional design.

The BSCRP program is accredited by the national Planning Accreditation Board.



BSCRP Courses

2022-2026 Cal Poly Catalog

CRP Computer Requirements for Students


Degree Requirements (Curriculum Worksheets & CRP Approved Electives)

BSCRP Degree Requirements 22-26 Calalog (pdfP

BSCRP Degree Requirements 21-22 Catalog (pdf) 


CRP Flowcharts

BSCRP 22-26 Flowchart-First Time Freshmen

BSCRP 22-26 Flowchart for Transfer Students



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