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About City & Regional Planning (CRP)


Our Mission

The City and Regional Planning Department (CRP) promotes sustainable and diverse communities within cultural and human systems. We provide an interdisciplinary professional planning education based on a learn-by-doing approach, community outreach, and applied research to help communities aspire for better, livable places.

Our History

City & Regional Planning (CRP) at Cal Poly is an integral part of the nationally recognized five department College of Architecture and Environmental Design. The CRP program began in 1968 and has nearly 1,500 graduates (Bachelors and Masters level). The program evolved in the College where the planning laboratory (studio) has been the core of the curriculum. We are proud of the program's strengths in urban design, transportation, land use and environmental planning, and community sustainability.

What is Planning?

Planning has its roots in engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, law, social welfare and government reform. The practice of city and regional planning is both science and art. It involves technical competence, creativity, hard-headed pragmatism and the ability to develop a vision of the future and to build on that vision. Planners today combine design, quantitative and people-skills to assist communities and society.

What Do Planners Do?

The profession of city and regional planning is primarily involved in helping people and communities manage growth and change in their physical, social and economic environments. The focus is on understanding how cities and towns (human settlements) function and how to make them better places for people to live and to prosper.

Practicing planners work in public agencies and private consulting firms, preparing comprehensive plans for projects, neighborhoods, cities, and entire regions. They deal with the use of land, housing, transportation, public facilities, and open space. In addition, they are responsible for finding the means to make their plans become a reality by budgeting for public projects and programs and by reviewing and regulating private development.

The CRP Program

The program prepares students for professional careers in the design of human settlements in harmony with the natural environment and the needs of society.

Students often use the phrase "get an education, get a job, make a difference" when talking about being at Cal Poly.

Get "Real World" Planning Experience

The strength of the Cal Poly City & Regional Planning department is its focus on community-based studios that provide students a “real world” planning experience and an opportunity to make a difference in California communities. CRP partners with communities to develop and deliver consultant-quality plans and designs. This planning and design work usually includes meeting with local government staff, conducting workshops with the public, presenting to elected officials, and gathering and analyzing community data. Recent community partners include: San Luis Obispo County, City of Ventura, City of Grover Beach, City of Ventura, and the City of San Francisco.

Why Choose Cal Poly's CRP Program?

CRP is a top planning program in North America. For the past 10 years Cal Poly has consistently ranked near the top of programs for planning in the country according to the Planetizen Guide to Graduate Urban Planning Programs. According to the 2017 guide, the program is the #5 small program in the country and the #20 program overall in the country according to planning educators. More information about the Planetizen guide can be found here: https://www.planetizen.com/topschools

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Michael R. Boswell, Ph.D., AICP

Department Head, Professor. BA Political Science, University of Central Florida, Orlando; MSP and Ph.D. Urban & Regional Planning, Florida State University.

Areas of Interest: Environmental and natural resource planning, sustainable development, climate action planning, planning theory, natural hazards policy.

Office: Building 5, Room 313

Email:  mboswell@calpoly.edu

Phone: 805-756-1315

Fall 2021 Office Hours:


Dave Amos, Ph.D., AICP

Assistant professor. BS, Urban and Regional Studies, Cornell University; M.Arch, University of Oregon; MCRP, University of Oregon; Ph.D. City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley

Areas of Interest: Land use planning, urban design, active transportation, public planning education

Office: Building 21, Room 21-117C

Email: daveamos@calpoly.edu

Phone: 805-756-6317


Fall 2021 Office Hours:

  Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-2:30pm and by appointment


Hemalata C. Dandekar, Ph.D.

Professor. B.Arch. University of Bombay; M.Arch. University of Michigan; Ph. D. Urban and Regional Planning University of California Los Angeles; Post Doctorate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Licensed Architect California.

Areas of Interest: International development planning, planning methods, gender and environment, housing, vernacular architecture.

Office: Building 186, Room A314

Email: hdandeka@calpoly.edu

                                          Phone: 805-756-7553

Fall 2021 Office Hours:


Vicente del Rio, Ph.D.

Professor. Architect and Urbanist, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Graduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning, State University of Rio de Janeiro; Master in Urban Design, Oxford Polytechnic; Ph.D. Architecture and Urbanism, State University of São Paulo. Post-doctoral studies at the Center for Urban Design, University of Cincinnati.

Areas of Interest: Urban design, international development, environmental perception-behavior.

Office: Building 21, Room 118C

Email: vdelrion@calpoly.edu

                                          Phone: 805-756-2572

Fall 2021 Office Hours:

  Mondays & Wednesdays 12:30-1:30pm

  Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00-11:00am

Adrienne Greve, Ph.D.

Professor. BS, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Cornell University; MS Bioresource Engineering, Colorado State University; Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Program in Urban Design and Planning, University of Washington.

Areas of Interest: Climate change, urban ecology, urban hydrology.

Office: Building 21, Room 116C

Email: agreve@calpoly.edu

Phone: 805-756-1474

Fall 2021 Office Hours:

  Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00-4:00pm

  Click here to make an appointment with Adrienne Greve

Amir Hajrasouliha, Ph.D.

Associate Professor. B.Arch, Shahid Beheshti University; MS City Planning and Design, University of Tehran; MS Urban Design, University of Michigan; Ph.D. Urban Planning and Design, University of Utah.

Areas of Interest: urban design, campus planning and design, health-oriented planning and design, placemaking, and placemarketing.

Office: Building 21, Room 118B

Email: ahajraso@calpoly.edu

Phone: 805-756-1592

Fall 2021 Office Hours:

  Mondays and Fridays 12:00-2:00pm

Kelly Main, Ph.D.

Associate Professor. BA, University of California, Davis; MA Brown University; Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles.

Areas of Interest: Planning in diverse communities, community participation and development, public health and the built environment.

Master's Program Coordinator

Office: Building 21, Room 116B

Email: kdmain@calpoly.edu

                                          Phone: 805-756-2285

Fall 2021 Office Hours::

 Click here to make an appointment with Kelly Main

Cornelius Nuworsoo, Ph.D., AICP

Professor. BS, University of Science and Technology, Ghana; Master of City Planning; University of California, Berkeley; MS Transportation Studies, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD; Ph.D. Transportation Engineering, University of California, Berkeley.

Areas of Interest: Transportation, traffic impact analysis, engineering studies.

Office: Building 21, Room 117A

Email: cnuworso@calpoly.edu

Phone: 805-756-2573

Fall 2021 Office Hours:

  Mondays and Wednesdays 4:00-6:00pm (Virtual)

Chris Clark, JD

Lecturer. BA/MA,University of Oregon; JD, University of New Hampshire School of Law.

Areas of Interest: Land use, regulation, community planning,environmental law, environmental impact assessments, zoning, and international consulting.

Office: Building 21, Room 116A

Email: cclark@calpoly.edu

Phone: 805-756-6605

Fall 2021 Office Hours:

  Thursdays 11:00am-12:00pm

Beate von Bischopinck, M.E.

Lecturer. ME in International Building Project Management, University of Applied Science, Stuttgart, Germany; Professional Degree in Architecture, University of Applied Science, Biberach, Germany


Office: Building 21, Room 117B

Email: bvonbisc@calpoly.edu


Fall 2021 Office Hours:

  Mondays 12:10-1:00pm

  Tuesdays 10:00-11:00am

  Thursdays virtual by appointment only 10:00am-12:00pm


Part-Time Lecturers

Jean Driscoll, MBA

Lecturer. BA in Economics, University of Massachusetts; MBA, Columbia University

Areas of Interest: Macroeconomic policy, public finance.


Email: jedrisco@calpoly.edu



Zeljka Pavlovich-Howard

Lecturer: MSc Urban and Regional Planning, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL; Dipl.Eng.Arch, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Areas of Interest: Community Planning, Urban Design, History of Cities, Globalization and Cities


Email: zhoward@calpoly.edu


Sloan Thomas Campi (he/him/his)

Lecturer: BS City and Regional Planning, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo; Master of Urban Design, University of Colorado Denver.

Areas of Interest: Geographic information systems (GIS), sustainable urban design, bicycle urbanism, transit planning and design, environmental psychology, university campus planning, capital development, wildland urban interface planning and fire prevention.


                                         Email: scampi@calpoly.edu

Martha Miller, AICP

Lecturer: BA in Industrial Engineering, Purdue University; MCRP, California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo

Areas of Interest: Land use, regulation, zoning, community planning, and public administration


Email: mmill150@calpoly.edu


Keith Woodcock, MCRP AICP CEP CUD

Lecturer, BS Environmental Planning and Management, UC Davis; MCRP, California State University, Fresno.

Areas of Interest: Land use and environmental planning, community outreach, healthy eating and active living (H.E.A.L), policy development and the practice of planning.


Email: kwoodcoc@calpoly.edu


Lecturer, BA Architecture, UC Berkeley; MCRP, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo; MBA, University of Rochester.

Areas of Interest: Urban Design, Land Use, Financial Analysis, Housing, Environmental Analysis, Public Administration, Sustainability


Email: shkwon@calpoly.edu

Sarah E. Spann


Areas of Interest: Environmental impact analysis, environmental regulations and permitting, environmental planning


Email: sspann@calpoly.edu

Chris Steins, MPL

Lecturer. Master of Planning, University of Southern California; BA in English

Areas of Interest: Technology and planning, civic tech


Email: csteins@calpoly.edu

Joshua C. Cross

Josh is a central coast native with over 20 years of professional planning and economic development experience. Having graduated from the Cal Poly CRP program in 2001, Josh has used his knowledge to work on urban design and planning projects across the state. He started his career with internships at the City of Capitola, Crawford-Multari-Clark, and Peter Calthorpe. He worked for RRM Design Group for nearly 18 years where he worked on preparing general plan elements, community plans, specific plans, master plans, trail plans, design guidelines, and entitlement processing projects. In 2018, he joined the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce as the Director of Economic Development where he launched a number of initiatives focused on growing, retaining, and attracting businesses to the community. In 2020, he started Cross & Co., an economic development and planning entitlement firm focused on helping clients understand the types of tenants they should pursue as well as assisting them with project applications, permits, and entitlements. Finally, Josh was retained as the CEO of the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce in late 2020 where he continues to serve as a catalyst for business growth, as a convener of leaders an influencers, and as a champion for a stronger community.


Email: jccross@calpoly.edu

Menka Sethi

Lecturer. MBA, Columbia University; BArch, Carnegie Mellon University

Areas of Interest: Housing and transportation investment and policy and the intersection of these topics with climate change


Email: msethi@calpoly.edu

Brian Pedrotti, AICP

Lecturer. Masters of Urban Planning, University of Kansas; BS Environmental Biology and Management, University of California, Davis

Areas of Interest: Land Use, community planning, housing, and economic development


Email: bpedrott@calpoly.edu



Janet Murrieta, Realtor®

Administrative Support Assistant

Janet started working for the City and Regional Planning Department in 2012.

Contact Janet if you need assistance regarding our Accredited Master’s Program, Department Accounting, Student HR, Reimbursements, Domestic or International Travel, Grants, Department Events, Advancement, Alumni Relations, Endowments or Scholarships.

Janet is an active licensed Realtor® and has enjoyed assisting clients to buy and sell real estate on the central coast since 2006.

In her spare time, Janet spends time photographing the beautiful outdoors of the central coast as an amateur photographer.  She also enjoys being active by running and exercising with her amazing Golden Retriever, Rusty.

Office: Building 5, Room 313

Email: jmurriet@calpoly.edu

Phone: 805-756-1315

Melanni Wiedrich, M.S.

Administrative Support Coordinator. BS, Management Information Systems; MS Business Management, Minot State University.

Melanni started working for the City and Regional Planning Department in 2014.

Contact Melanni if you need assistance with class scheduling, permission numbers, accreditation reporting, BSCRP program, Faculty HR, or the CRP website.

In her spare time, she enjoys motorcycle riding, camping, and volunteers time with the American Legion Auxiliary as the Santa Maria Unit 56 Treasurer and Membership Chairman and with the Goldwing Road Riders Association, San Luis Obispo County as the newsletter editor.

Office: Building 5, Room 313

Email: mwiedric@calpoly.edu

Phone: 805-756-1315

Emeritus Faculty Service Dates
Linda Dalton 1983-2016
Zeljka Howard 1986-2014
Joe Kourakis 1970-1997
William Siembieda 1997-2020
Paul Wack 1979-2011
Linda Day 1993-2004
In Memoriam service dates
Ken Topping 2004-2014
William (Bill) Howard 1980-1994
Ken Schwartz 1952-1988 - helped start the CRP Department in 1968 and served as the first CRP Department Head
David Conn 1999-2014
David Dubbink 1989-2006
Michael McDougall 1972-1992
Edward J. Ward  
Frank Hendricks  


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Focus Journal

Focus is an online, open access journal published annually by the Department of City & Regional Planning at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo since 2004. The journal is dedicated to the professional practice of city planning and urban design, publishing peer-reviewed research, case studies, exceptional student projects and opinion and editorial pieces each year. Its key mission is to keep professionals, students, and alumni informed about recent and changing planning issues. Focus has won several awards of excellence since its inception, including recognition from the American Planning Association and the Urban Land Institute.

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Research & Publications

Click here to view faculty research and publications.

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Studios & Projects 

Extensive, hands-on studio work, projects and applied scholarship are defining traits of the CalPoly, San Luis Obispo City and Regional Planning (CRP) undergraduate and graduate programs. Our project and studio courses serve a diverse group of California communities who contract with us to fund these learning opportunities. This provides students the opportunity to engage in real-world problem solving, evaluating the fabric of cities at different scales -- from the project site, to city-wide, to the region. The CRP project-based perspective is consistent with the CalPoly 'learn by doing' philosophy. It gives CRP students a cross-sectional set of experiences in dealing with planning issues throughout the state. Our projects have been recognized many awards, including state and national awards from the American Planning Association and Urban Land Institute. This success, as well as the quality of our projects in meeting the needs of diverse client-communities, is an indication that our students are well prepared to address the increasingly complex problems that are present in villages, towns and cities across the globe. To view projects, click here.

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Public Information

Planning Accreditation Board Criterion 1F Public Information

Contact Us

City and Regional Planning
1 Grand Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0283
Phone: 805-756-1315
Fax: 805-756-2765
Email: crp@calpoly.edu
Office: Building 5, Room 313

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