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City & Regional Planning at Cal Poly is an integral part of the nationally recognized five department College of Architecture and Environmental Design. The program began in 1968 and has nearly 1,500 graduates (Bachelors and Masters level). The program evolved in the College where the planning laboratory (studio) has been the core of the curriculum. We are proud of the program's strengths in urban design, transportation, land use and environmental planning, and community sustainability.

Students often use the phrase "get an education, get a job, make a difference" when talking about being at Cal Poly. Students take at least one internship in a real planning public agency, private firm, or non-profit organization. This gives all students real world experience, and many times a head start on getting a job in the field after graduation. Students get to work with faculty that have an excellent balance of professional experience and academic preparation, and more importantly are exceptional instructors. Our faculty (regular and adjunct) are involved in environmental planning, urban design, plan implementation, computer mapping, planning information systems, sustainable development, low-cost housing, legal aspects of land use controls, citizen participation, and planning in developing countries.

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Faculty & Staff


Faculty Members


 michael boswell         chris clark              hemalata dandekar



  kelly main               Cornelius nuworsoo      william siembieda     

    Part-Time Lecturers

  • Zeljka Pavlovich-Howard
  • Beate von Bischopinck
  • Laura Tate
  • Michael Multari
  • Ryan Trapp
  • Christopher Steins
  • Tammy Seale
  • Martha Miller




    janet murrieta          melanni wiedrich

Emeritus Faculty

Linda Dalton 1983-2016
William Howard 1980-1994
Zeljka Howard 1986-2014
Joe Kourakis 1970-1997
William Siembieda 1997-2015
Paul Wack 1979-2011
Linda Day 1993-2004
In Memoriam
David Conn 1999-2014
David Dubbink 1989-2006 
Michael McDougall 1972-1992

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Focus Journal

Focus is an online, open access journal published annually by the Department of City & Regional Planning at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo since 2004. The journal is dedicated to the professional practice of city planning and urban design, publishing peer-reviewed research, case studies, exceptional student projects and opinion and editorial pieces each year. Its key mission is to keep professionals, students, and alumni informed about recent and changing planning issues. Focus has won several awards of excellence since its inception, including recognition from the American Planning Association and the Urban Land Institute.

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Research & Publications

Click here to view faculty research and publications.

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Studios & Projects 

Extensive, hands-on studio work, projects and applied scholarship are defining traits of the CalPoly, San Luis Obispo City and Regional Planning (CRP) undergraduate and graduate programs. Our project and studio courses serve a diverse group of California communities who contract with us to fund these learning opportunities. This provides students the opportunity to engage in real-world problem solving, evaluating the fabric of cities at different scales -- from the project site, to city-wide, to the region. The CRP project-based perspective is consistent with the CalPoly 'learn by doing' philosophy. It gives CRP students a cross-sectional set of experiences in dealing with planning issues throughout the state. Our projects have been recognized many awards, including state and national awards from the American Planning Association and Urban Land Institute. This success, as well as the quality of our projects in meeting the needs of diverse client-communities, is an indication that our students are well prepared to address the increasingly complex problems that are present in villages, towns and cities across the globe. To view projects, click here.

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Public Information

Planning Accreditation Board Criterion 7D Public Information


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Areas of Excellence

  • Urban Design
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Transportation
  • Housing, Economic, & Community Development

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