A number of minors are offered within the College of Architecture & Environmental Design for students seeking to compliment or bolster their undergraduate major. To find out more information on the minors, click here to visit the College of Architecture and Environmental Design website.

  • Architectural Engineering Minor
  • City & Regional Planning Minor (Below)
  • Construction Management Minor
  • Integrated Project Delivery Minor
  • Real Property Development Minor 
  • Sustainable Environments Minor
  • Landscape Architecture Minor

City & Regional Planning Minor

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The City & Regional Planning minor provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of the science and art of city planning and its relationship with other environmental design professionals. The student is provided with an understanding of how growth and change affect the physical, social and economic aspects of the city. The minor helps the student understand the relationships among land use, transportation, housing and the environment. It includes courses that build skills in the preparation of plan documents, land use studies and environmental studies. Laboratory courses provide opportunities to get involved in community building and plan-making projects.

The minor is excellent preparation for students interested in gaining skills at creating visions of the future, participation in government and community organizations, and enhances skills in disciplines that have linkages with cities and the built and natural environments. It provides the student with the knowledge, skills and values that help people build better communities and cities.

Required Courses (8 units)

  • CRP 212 Introduction to Urban Planning - 4 units

Select One Course from the Following: (4 units)

  • CRP 211 Cities: Form, Culture, & Evolution - 4 units
  • CRP 213 Population, Housing & Economic Applications- 4 units
  • CRP 214 Land Use & Transportation Studies (CRP 212) - 4 units

Electives (19/20 units) Consult Minor Advisor* for applicable prerequisites

Select from the following courses to achieve the total unit minimum:

  • CRP 215
  • CRP 314
  • CRP 325
  • CRP 334 (2020-21 or later: Upper-Div GE Area D) or (2019-20 or earlier catalog: GE Area D5)
  • CRP 336
  • CRP 338 (2020-21 or later: Upper-Div GE Area B) or (2019-20 catalog catalog: GE Area B7) or (2017-19 or earlier catalog: GE Area F)
  • CRP 402
  • CRP 404
  • CRP 408
  • CRP 412
  • CRP 420
  • CRP 426
  • CRP 428
  • CRP 430
  • CRP 435
  • CRP 436
  • CRP 440
  • CRP 442
  • CRP 445
  • CRP 446
  • CRP 448
  • CRP 452
  • CRP 456
  • CRP 458
  • CRP 470
  • CRP 545

Total Units Required - 27/28

*Minor Advisor: Cornelius Nuworsoo, (805) 756-2573, Room 21-117A, cnuworso@calpoly.edu


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